Installous : FREE ***** Apps

09 Aug

What the heck is Installous? Installous is where you can get cr**ked iTunes apps for FREE.

Installous 4

What does this application exactly do?
Well if you launch Installous from springboard, it’ll list every single IPA that you’ve download, and installing them is as simple as a tap, and hitting Install. Installous will easily install the app, and the selected IPA will install! A respring isn’t even required! Just wait a few seconds and the selected IPA will be installed! Don’t like an app you downloaded? Swipe it to the right and select Delete! Poof! It’s gone!

Installous on iPad

To get Installous :

  1. Your iDevice must be jailbroken
  2. Add this source if necessary –
  3. Or it will just popup on your search if had other sources installed
  4. Download and Install, when done Installous will show up on your Homescreen
  5. Also make sure you have AppSync 4.x installed together with the package or else Installous won’t be able to install your apps.
  6. Now let’s get some settings done here
  7. [Install Automatically] – Apps downloaded will begin to install automatically. If it is OFF, you have to go back to the [Downloads] to install it manually.
  8. [Delete Automatically] – Apps will delete automatically right after installation of the app is finished. This will save some disk space on your iDevice.
  9. [iTunes Sync] – Sync with iTunes to back up your saved purchases.
  10. [Local Sharing] – Share what you downloaded with any iDevice on the same network as yours via WiFi.
  11. [Remove Metadata] – I’m not sure how this works
  12. [Only Show iPad Apps] – I’m pretty sure you know what that means. If OFF, you can search for iPhone apps as well. Be warned… some iPhone apps are not compatible yet.
  13. [MobileHunt] – MobileHunt allows Installous to search for apps on your iDevice that the Apptrackr database does not have.

You can also send downloaded files to other iDevices with lightning speed. Both your device have to be on the same WiFi network for this to work. And both device must have Installous [ON] all the time while transferring data or else the transaction will fail.

Senario : Device A wants to send a file to Device B

  1. Make sure both device has got Installous opened up
  2. Device A go to [Downloads] tab and click on the apps to send
  3. Select [Send IPA] and popup notification will show up asking you to select which device you want to send to.
  4. Click on the desired device
  5. By this time, Device B will get a notification [Local Sharing xxxxxx is trying to share xxxx.ipa with you]. Now Device B can choose [Cancel] or [Receive]
  6. Once you choose Receive, you will instantly download the app from Device A which you can view the progress in the [Downloads] tab.
  7. Make sure not to shut down Installous when sending and receiving. Applies to both device.



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